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Throughout our lives, many of us experience minor or significant disturbances of the normal function of our GI tracts. Here at MOSHE RUBIN, M.D. Gastroenterology, our goal is to address your symptoms in an effort to resolve your particular problem. By providing expert consultation using our technical expertise in colonoscopy, endoscopy, double balloon enteroscopy, and much more, we offer all patients personalized, expert care in the New York City area.

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Experiencing health issues can put us in a vulnerable place. At our practice, we understand this. Headed by Dr. Moshe Rubin, our team focuses on having a passion for sensitivity, a gentle touch, and humane care. While treating your digestive system issue, we always put your best needs in mind while utilizing proven methods of assistance. This includes deep enteroscopy, which only 5% of gastroenterologists in the country will perform. From basic to highly advanced care, we're here for you.

To further the promotion of advanced treatments throughout the nation, we also offer consulting work with an array of companies. If you're looking to incorporate progressive gastroenterology through new technology in your practice, please contact us.


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